Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terrain Building 101: The Pagoda, part 4 (final)

So I called up this weekend to do some more work on the 10 thunders board with Chris. My main aim was to finish the pagoda itself, as well as do some work on the shopfronts.

below can be seen the interim layout for the board.

the empty board closest is the layout for the cafe, while the board touching to jetty and warehouse is the shopfront.

So, with the pagoda, I began by redoing the top roof - I was not enamoured of the design I had before, and whats more it didt fit the rest of the roofing done. So, I stripped off the reeds, and began again.

To do this, I made the struts with the horn motif again, and glued them in place. I then used the same material to make triangular sections that abutted on the centre pole and stood on the struts, to give the second angle to the roof.

I then glued down some hard cardboard to form the roof itself, and covered this in the reeds again. the second angle was then clad using reeds as well, to give continuity to the roof. The capstone was then made by gluing a bead, part of a halogen light, and a washer together, spraying them with Halfords Ivory primer and then washing them with wood stain.

Next, I worked on the second level. This was both more and less complex than the first floor. I began by making a low wall around the entire centre for the roof sections to sit onto. This was done by cutting the wood used for the horn struts into shape and sanding them to get the correct angle.

I also used candyfloss sticks to give a step up on all the wall sections, and used them as interstitials between the pillars. I also used them to form the bell bar. The bell was a spare brass bell that Chris had in his collection of bitz. This was tied into place using string and then the string was coated in glue to set it in place.

Next I used candyfloss sticks to make supports for the roof sections, and then glued thick card onto these to form the roof.

Next, I glued the top roof section onto the pillars, and used doctors tongue depressors to make the balcony sections.

I next glued the reed sections onto the cardboard to form the roof, and used the candyfloss sticks to form the balcony railing again.

At this point, the pagoda was almost finished. All that was left was to build the raised platform for it, and to cobblestone it and make steps up.

The platform was made by using chamfered wood to give an angle up to the pagoda proper.

The cobblestone effect was done by using textured wallpaper cut to shape, which was first sprayed with black and ivory to get hte correct colouring, and was then glued in place. The back stairs were made by cutting into the platform section and gluing a cut to size doctors tongue depressor into place.

The front stairs were made by cutting into the platform and inserting steps made from the wood used to make the horn struts. Next, a section of wood was cut to shape, painted, and glued to the front of the steps. The front fence was a piece of terrain from chris' Bits box as well.

The very last thing to be done was to make the ladder for the second floor. This was done by gluing fence sections from Chris' bitz box to candyfloss sticks and spraying them ivory. A candyfloss stick was then put in place to act as a rest, and when this was adjusted to the correct length, the ladder was glued to it and then lashed in place with string.

I'll post the pictures of the shopfront later. My phone is being a bit finnicky with the uploads...

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