Sunday, August 12, 2012

Terrain building 101: building a 10 thunders pagoda part 2

Pagoda Updates:

So, I headed back out to Chris yesterday and got a bit more done on the pagoda. The ground floor interior is now complete, with the exception of windows sills and framing, and painting the tops of the walls.

The roof of the third floor is also complete. This was the hardest of the three roof sections, as it comprised of two separate slopes, and has the steepest angles of any of the roof sections.

on the ground floor, the outer walls were clad using coffee stirrer sticks that were dyed blue with watered down cote d'arms blue ink, as were the internal pillars. The inner walls were then wallpapered using a light orange / peach paper. These were cut to size and woodglued on. The images are taken from artwork from the game Bushido ( and were taken either form the wallpapers available, or from the deviantart profile of the original artist (dinmonkey).

I took the pictures, trimmed them oval and feathered the edges to give the effect seen.

one thing that isnt shown is the washers. To base the inner pillars (and to hide the edges of the floorboards where they abut the pillars), I used 1 mm thick washers, with a 9mm inner diameter. These were sprayed using the halfords Red Oxide primer, and then simply wood glued and slipped down the pillars.

The final thing that was done was preparing the second and third floors: the hole for the ladder up to the third floor was cut, and the exterior pillars for the second floor were laid out and glued. To keep the height correct in the holes for the pillars, the top of the ground floor internal pillars was coated in petroleum jelly to prevent the PVA sticking. This was required as the inner pillars match up to the same holes in order to align the second floor correctly.

Still to do:

- make a ladder, or convert an existing ladder by adding a ladder pedestal.
- floorboard the second and third floors
- add roof sections to second and third floors
- add balconies to second and third floors
- wall second floor, and wallpaper interior (and clad exterior)
- put in steps on second and third floors up to the balconies
- build bell /gong section for third floor
- cobblestone the exterior of the ground floor.

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