Sunday, August 12, 2012

Terrain building 101: building a 10 thunders pagoda part 1

So, I called over to Chris this weekend just past to hang out and either do some terrain making or some gaming.

I started out helping to make some hedges etc, and then I got bit by the bug: I decided to make a 10 thunders board.

So, While Chris does the boglands boards, I'm working on a 10T board to join in with them. The layout of the boglands boards is such that they are interchangeable - each board section can pretty much align to either edge of one of the others. It was with this in mind that Chris and I sketched out the layout for the 10T board (i tell a lie - I spat out a few ideas and Chris massaged them into a workable board layout :D).

Anyway, I decided to start out with a centrepiece for the board - a Pagoda.

So, I started out by layout out an octagonal design for the building. It's going to be 3 stories, with a roof on each section, as well as a balcony area on the second and third floors.

Next, I cut the floors to size, and drilled holes for each set of pillars. The floors are made of 6mm ply, while the pillars are 9mm dowel rods cut to size.

[picture here]

Next, I drew the wall designs, Chris cut them out, and I fitted them to the structure and glued them in place.

I also started the layout for the stairs, by putting in 8mm by 2 mm pillars in place to support the stair platform:

a progress shot with the floors cut and some of the walls put in place:

Next, I built the stairs. These were made using doctors tongue presser sticks and the material used for the pillars as a support. The steps themselves were cut to size and belt sanded to give the edges I wanted.

Next, I nailed (and glued) the pillars down, as well as the stair platform and the first stair section.

It was at this point that I realised that I had forgotten to put the flooring down first. Doh.

So, thus began a time consuming project to put down floorboards throughout.

progress shot!

I finished the floorboards, put beading around the edges, and built the second staircase section.

In addition to the above, I clad the stair platform, cut the hole in the second level for the stairs, and cut and glued the pillars for the second and third floors and steeple.

This saturday I'm headed down again, so I'll be working towards getting a bit more done :D

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