Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ten Thunders Board part 3: Building the first floor, and Roofing Done Right (tm)

updates on the pagoda:

so I went out to Chris again yesterday and managed to do a hefty amount of work on the pagoda. I would say it needs maybe one more day of work to finish it off now.

So to start off with, I needed to work on getting the second floor done. I began by adding the back walls, as well as spacers for the roof sections to sit onto.

next, I clad the outer wall:

Next, I had to set out the framework for the roof. To do this I used some thin oblong rod (4mm by 12mm) that I cut into shape to give the prongs of the roof joins. I glued these in place, then used coffee stirrer sticks, doctors tongue depressors and candy floss sticks to lay out a framework for the roof sections. The roof sections were then cut out of cardboard and glued in place.

I also put in floorboards (using coffee stirrer sticks cut to size) and wallpapered the inner walls. The Kanji used were for War, Honor and Strength.

The other major aspect of the wall layout was the mesh wall sections for the front of the building. These were made by cutting a wire mesh to size, and then using glue and tongue depressors to glue them in place. To hold the top of these wall sections steady, holes were drilled into the pillars and a candyfloss stick was cut to size and inserted. This gave the wall sections some added stability, and allowed me to glue the top of the wire mesh and tongue depressors in place.

Next, I cut a section of wood into an approximate shape and sanded it into the right size and shape to act as the lintel for the door. here is a progress shot up to this point:

the next steps were to lay out the balcony and then the roof. I started by cutting some tongue depressors to size and laying out a balcony around the entire edge of the building, using the roof edging supports as, well, supports.

A second set of tongue depressors was then cut to give an edging and a lip, and also to give a straight edge for the roof sections to abut onto.

the roof was the next part to get worked on. This was done by using PVA to affix thin wooden reeds (taken from reed table mats of all things) that had been cut to size onto the cardboard roof sections.

having done the roof section for the first floor in this style, I have decided that I need to go back and re-do the top roof section in order to tidy it up and to also include roofing struts with a similar motif (since the top roof section currently is missing anything resembling these).

Once the roof sections were finished, the inside of the floor needed to be finished. This consisted of using candyfloss sticks as an edging around the base of the wall sections, and using the oblong wooden sticks to make steps up on the three remaining sides.

Finally, all that was left was to add railings to the balcony. This was done by drilling holes into both the roofing struts and the centre of the outermost balcony plank to seat the uprights for the railings. These were made of candyfloss sticks that had been rounded to fit into the holes.

Once the uprights were in place, alternating sides were edged in, either using tongue depressors (to give cover for gaming purposes) or candyfloss sticks (to leave open).

At this point, the only remaining things left to do on the ground floor interior and the first floor is to paint the top of the walls so they blend in when the first and second floors are removed.

With regards further work on the building, the following is what needs to be done:

- floor the second floor
- add roofing sections, roofing struts, and a balcony to the second floor.
- add in bell section on the second floor.
- make a ladder for 1st floor ->2nd floor. Possibly include a bracket to hold the bottom of the ladder in place when the second floor is removed.
- rebuild the top floor roof section. This will involve removing the old roofing, and rebuilding it in the same style as the first floor roofing section to include the roofing struts.

Also, I need to finish the exterior of the ground floor. This will consist of pillars raising the ground floor up another inch or so, with a low wall blocking direct access to the building, but with stairs up either side. I will also need to cobblestone the exterior floor section.

so, thats as far as I have gotten so far. Below are some up to date pictures of the building as it stands.

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