Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowstorm - Progress!

So, Snowstorm.

The model itself is beautiful, although it had serious mold lines on it as well. Except for the horns, Snow herself and Snow's hands, the model is completely resin. Its also huge. :D

So, after sorting out the mold lines and assembling the figure, I began by basecoating it using skull white. Next, I painted the fur areas of Storm, using a red colour scheme. I did this by starting from mechrite red, going through blood red to blazing orange. After this, I used Liquitex Napthol Crimson ink to redden the area, followed by a very heavy wash of GW's Baal Red wash over the whole model, except for the horns, which had a coat of chestnut ink applied to them.

Next, I painted the skin areas using Bleached bone, followed by a heavy wash of Asurmen Blue. The claws and hooves were painted using chaos black.

To the right you can see the first WiP shot of Storm.

Next, i continued working on the skin tones. To do this, I started out by using ice blue to create a mid range starting point. I avoided filling most of the crevasses, as I wanted to retain the darker shading from the wash.

Once I had created the ice blue basecoat, I highlighted the muscle tone using a mix of ice blue, bleached bone and skull white in a ratio of 1:2:2 ratio.

I continued to highlight, mixing the mixture from above in a 1:1 ratio with skull white. This was followed by a final highlight using pure skull white. a heavy wash of a 50% watered down asurmen blue wash was then applied to the skin areas.

I finished the hair next, but drybrushing with blazing orange and golden yellow, before another heavy wash of baal red wash.

Finally, I highlighted the hooves and claws with codex grey, and picked out the teeth using bleached bone.

The horns were tricky to do - I first used a coat of bestial brown, followed by vomit brown. While the vomit brown was still wet I blended it with chestnut ink, followed by snakebite leather, followed by chestnut ink again.

With Snow, I used the 1:2:2 mixture as above as a basecoat. Next, I used purple ink to start off the coat. I then shaded it using liche purple, warlock purple and tentacle pink. This was finished off by a heavy wash of leviathan purple ink. The hair and fur on the coat was basecoated using bleached bone. A green ink was then applied to the hait, while gryphonne sepia was applied to the fur.

The toggles on the coat were then finished using a purple ink wash.

This finished off the models. Basing the model was done by using PVA glue and Woodland Scenics Snow. The crystals on the base are quartz crystals that were coated in blue ink and drybrushed with skull white.

Below can be seen the finished model. I'm thinking of going back and changing the toggles on the coat - what do you guys think?

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