Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Red Riding Dead - Dead rider from start to done in a day

hey folks,

so in keeping with the "week of painting like a mad fool and *actually* getting stuff done" week, I painted up my Dead Rider this evening.

Assembling the beasty wasnt too difficult - pinning the leg pieces and torso together were a doddle, but pinning the scythe arm was quite annoying - it had a tendency to rotate while the glue was drying, meaning I had to re-glue it twice. In addition, the snazzy horns it has are ridiculous. the sockets in the back of the horses skull need to be drilled out quite a bit to fit them, and they themselves are really fragile. Eventually got everything sorted however, and so moved onto painting.

My thought process going into the painting segment was that I wanted a mount that was very reddish in colour, while still maintaining a hint of the necrotic ickiness that so characterises undead in general.

To this end, I decided to start from a yellow base coat, using Iyanden darksun as the base. As you can see, I left the horns unattached until the very end, as they interfere with painting too much.

I then base coated using Scab red, followed by a very heavy drybrush of red gore, followed by blood red and blazing orange. The Tail I continued with golden yellow drybrushing.

I followed all of this up with a thick wash using the Liquitex Napthol Crimson ink.

After leaving the ink to dry, I did a heavy drybrush of vomit brown, followed by bleached bone.

I also started working on the other details, using shadow grey on the tunic, chaos black on the scythe handle, a 50% watered down mix of vermin brown on the saddle, and a basecoat of hormagaunt purple on the cloak.

I decided to go for a darker skin shade on the rider, and so opted for Tallarn flesh for, well, the flesh.

One thing I was aiming for here was a colour palette different from the majority of other models that I had painted, as I wanted to try something new.

I next used boltgun metal to pick out most of the metallic detailing, with some of the detailing such as wrist cuffs, riders kneecaps and filligree on the horses neck armour being picked out with shining gold.

As you can see to the left, the horses skin tones are much darker, and redder. This was accomplished by a very heavy wash over the tail and all the horse flesh with the GW Baal red wash.

I also used purple ink to darken the cloak, in preparation for further work.

The battery died during most of the rest of the painting unfortunately, so I dont have that many more photos.

With regards how I continued the painting - I focused on different sections:

With the cape, I used warlock purple, followed by a very light edging with tentacle pink, finished off with a heavy wash of leviathan purple wash.

With the horse flesh, I continued to work on it, first drybrushing again with vomit brown. I then used a succession of different washes to give me the colour I was aiming for. I used a light wash of leviathan purple around the pustules around the neck and groin region, as well as a medium heavy thrakka green wash. After this, I lightly drybrushed with vomit brown again, and gave another heavy wash using the baal red.

At this point, I attached the horns, basing them using Dheneb stone foundation, followed by bleached bone. I used Ice blue to pick out the rune detailing, and I used codex grey as the basecoat of the stone underneath the front foot.

I finished off the model with a heavy wash of gryphonne sepia over everything except the cloak - I wanted to preserve the dark purple colour, and washing with the sepia tends to turn the purples into a muddy brown colour. :(

Basing the model was relatively simple, with edge highlights on the stone with fortress grey and space wolves grey giving detail to that, while simple static grass and gravel bits finishing it off. The final touches were using ice blue to do the eyes, and a small skull I had lying around to give the base more detail.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the little fella. He's suitably imposing, and he's more eye catching than my hooded rider proxy (which I need to touch up, now that I think about it...)

Anyway, heres a final picture of his Paleness. Whatcha think?

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