Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ramblings. A Redux

So, the blog has been a bit dead recently. Part of that was a lack of time due to finishing off my masters (yay), but a large part was the fact that I was in South Africa for the month of February.

SA was, in fact, amazing. I went down with Amy to visit family, and for her to have an LSD trip (Look, See and Decide) about whether she liked the place.

We arrived in Capetown at the start of the month, and promptly went crazy. the food was awesome, the people were friendly, and the sharks had big teeth. Oh yeah, we went shark diving and the sharks decided to munch on the cage while we were in there.

we also saw other stuff, like Cape Point,  Table Mountain, and Maclean's Beacon,and a couple of other beasties, like baboons and ostriches.

after that we headed up to Johannesburg, where we hung out with family and did a couple of touristy things, like visit Sun City, Monte Casino, Pretoria Zoo, the Elephant Sanctuary and The Lion and Rhino Park.

We saw elephants, little cats, and big cats.

so, lots of sightseeing :D

On top of that, I went down to a local gaming club called Warfair on the 11th of February to run a demo day. A great group of lads, and a fantastic (if hard to see from the road) clubhouse with space for 8 or 9 tables, a shop and a food shop.

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