Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting updates for march

Hi folks,

So I've done quite a bit of painting and assembling over the month of march, and I finally got around to taking some pictures.

I've also got the pictures for a selection off the puppetses that I painted in preparation for the SA odyssey. The puppets below are the nurse, the executioner, bete noir, lady J and Seamus.

I also assembled my proxy Pale Rider, aRamos, aTina, both my LSPAs, the student of conflict, and the mobile toolkit.

To the right, you can see the proxy pale rider. It was assembled from a variety of different things. The horse is made from a random metal horse that I got off one of the local gamers, Jimmy.

The rider itself is made of a variety of different things. The majority is made of a guild austringer. Some judicious bending when it was heated up allowed me to reshape it enough to get the pose I wanted as well as fit onto the horse.

the hat and gun are from (aptly) the hats and guns of Malifaux sprue, and the bridle is made using fishing twine.

 To the left you can see the two Large Steampunk Arachnids. These guys were ridiculously difficult to assemble, as they came in 11 different parts. I ended up pinning all the legs AND the saws in place for each of them.

Posing them was also relatively difficult, as 3 of the legs needed to be balanced and posed before the rest could be worked on.

I eventually got them all built, and painting them was really easy.

I painted them boltgun metal all over, and then used inks and washes to complete them. The legs and bodies were done using blue ink, while the rest of the body was done using purple washes.

The claws, saw blade, spots on the body, and the smokestack were done using dwarven bronze. After that, everything was washed using Badab black to dull the metal sheen.

I also painted up the student of conflict and the Mechanical Toolkit. The mechanical toolkit was very simple to do - boltgun metal, followed by blue, chestnut and yellow ink washes to different areas to give the different shades.

In addition to all of this, I assembled avatar Ramos, and painted up a scenic base for when I get round to painting him up himself. He was another pain in the ass to assemble - he came in 8 pieces. Yay for pin drills. I left off the arcing flames, as I really didn't like the way it looked. I also painted up the soulstone miner.

Finally, I also got Avatar Tina painted up. I'll leave you with a picture of her in all her glory, and will post up a set of WiP shots of snowstorm as I painted him up.

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