Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Red Riding Dead - Dead rider from start to done in a day

hey folks,

so in keeping with the "week of painting like a mad fool and *actually* getting stuff done" week, I painted up my Dead Rider this evening.

Assembling the beasty wasnt too difficult - pinning the leg pieces and torso together were a doddle, but pinning the scythe arm was quite annoying - it had a tendency to rotate while the glue was drying, meaning I had to re-glue it twice. In addition, the snazzy horns it has are ridiculous. the sockets in the back of the horses skull need to be drilled out quite a bit to fit them, and they themselves are really fragile. Eventually got everything sorted however, and so moved onto painting.

My thought process going into the painting segment was that I wanted a mount that was very reddish in colour, while still maintaining a hint of the necrotic ickiness that so characterises undead in general.

To this end, I decided to start from a yellow base coat, using Iyanden darksun as the base. As you can see, I left the horns unattached until the very end, as they interfere with painting too much.

I then base coated using Scab red, followed by a very heavy drybrush of red gore, followed by blood red and blazing orange. The Tail I continued with golden yellow drybrushing.

I followed all of this up with a thick wash using the Liquitex Napthol Crimson ink.

After leaving the ink to dry, I did a heavy drybrush of vomit brown, followed by bleached bone.

I also started working on the other details, using shadow grey on the tunic, chaos black on the scythe handle, a 50% watered down mix of vermin brown on the saddle, and a basecoat of hormagaunt purple on the cloak.

I decided to go for a darker skin shade on the rider, and so opted for Tallarn flesh for, well, the flesh.

One thing I was aiming for here was a colour palette different from the majority of other models that I had painted, as I wanted to try something new.

I next used boltgun metal to pick out most of the metallic detailing, with some of the detailing such as wrist cuffs, riders kneecaps and filligree on the horses neck armour being picked out with shining gold.

As you can see to the left, the horses skin tones are much darker, and redder. This was accomplished by a very heavy wash over the tail and all the horse flesh with the GW Baal red wash.

I also used purple ink to darken the cloak, in preparation for further work.

The battery died during most of the rest of the painting unfortunately, so I dont have that many more photos.

With regards how I continued the painting - I focused on different sections:

With the cape, I used warlock purple, followed by a very light edging with tentacle pink, finished off with a heavy wash of leviathan purple wash.

With the horse flesh, I continued to work on it, first drybrushing again with vomit brown. I then used a succession of different washes to give me the colour I was aiming for. I used a light wash of leviathan purple around the pustules around the neck and groin region, as well as a medium heavy thrakka green wash. After this, I lightly drybrushed with vomit brown again, and gave another heavy wash using the baal red.

At this point, I attached the horns, basing them using Dheneb stone foundation, followed by bleached bone. I used Ice blue to pick out the rune detailing, and I used codex grey as the basecoat of the stone underneath the front foot.

I finished off the model with a heavy wash of gryphonne sepia over everything except the cloak - I wanted to preserve the dark purple colour, and washing with the sepia tends to turn the purples into a muddy brown colour. :(

Basing the model was relatively simple, with edge highlights on the stone with fortress grey and space wolves grey giving detail to that, while simple static grass and gravel bits finishing it off. The final touches were using ice blue to do the eyes, and a small skull I had lying around to give the base more detail.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the little fella. He's suitably imposing, and he's more eye catching than my hooded rider proxy (which I need to touch up, now that I think about it...)

Anyway, heres a final picture of his Paleness. Whatcha think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowstorm - Progress!

So, Snowstorm.

The model itself is beautiful, although it had serious mold lines on it as well. Except for the horns, Snow herself and Snow's hands, the model is completely resin. Its also huge. :D

So, after sorting out the mold lines and assembling the figure, I began by basecoating it using skull white. Next, I painted the fur areas of Storm, using a red colour scheme. I did this by starting from mechrite red, going through blood red to blazing orange. After this, I used Liquitex Napthol Crimson ink to redden the area, followed by a very heavy wash of GW's Baal Red wash over the whole model, except for the horns, which had a coat of chestnut ink applied to them.

Next, I painted the skin areas using Bleached bone, followed by a heavy wash of Asurmen Blue. The claws and hooves were painted using chaos black.

To the right you can see the first WiP shot of Storm.

Next, i continued working on the skin tones. To do this, I started out by using ice blue to create a mid range starting point. I avoided filling most of the crevasses, as I wanted to retain the darker shading from the wash.

Once I had created the ice blue basecoat, I highlighted the muscle tone using a mix of ice blue, bleached bone and skull white in a ratio of 1:2:2 ratio.

I continued to highlight, mixing the mixture from above in a 1:1 ratio with skull white. This was followed by a final highlight using pure skull white. a heavy wash of a 50% watered down asurmen blue wash was then applied to the skin areas.

I finished the hair next, but drybrushing with blazing orange and golden yellow, before another heavy wash of baal red wash.

Finally, I highlighted the hooves and claws with codex grey, and picked out the teeth using bleached bone.

The horns were tricky to do - I first used a coat of bestial brown, followed by vomit brown. While the vomit brown was still wet I blended it with chestnut ink, followed by snakebite leather, followed by chestnut ink again.

With Snow, I used the 1:2:2 mixture as above as a basecoat. Next, I used purple ink to start off the coat. I then shaded it using liche purple, warlock purple and tentacle pink. This was finished off by a heavy wash of leviathan purple ink. The hair and fur on the coat was basecoated using bleached bone. A green ink was then applied to the hait, while gryphonne sepia was applied to the fur.

The toggles on the coat were then finished using a purple ink wash.

This finished off the models. Basing the model was done by using PVA glue and Woodland Scenics Snow. The crystals on the base are quartz crystals that were coated in blue ink and drybrushed with skull white.

Below can be seen the finished model. I'm thinking of going back and changing the toggles on the coat - what do you guys think?

Painting updates for march

Hi folks,

So I've done quite a bit of painting and assembling over the month of march, and I finally got around to taking some pictures.

I've also got the pictures for a selection off the puppetses that I painted in preparation for the SA odyssey. The puppets below are the nurse, the executioner, bete noir, lady J and Seamus.

I also assembled my proxy Pale Rider, aRamos, aTina, both my LSPAs, the student of conflict, and the mobile toolkit.

To the right, you can see the proxy pale rider. It was assembled from a variety of different things. The horse is made from a random metal horse that I got off one of the local gamers, Jimmy.

The rider itself is made of a variety of different things. The majority is made of a guild austringer. Some judicious bending when it was heated up allowed me to reshape it enough to get the pose I wanted as well as fit onto the horse.

the hat and gun are from (aptly) the hats and guns of Malifaux sprue, and the bridle is made using fishing twine.

 To the left you can see the two Large Steampunk Arachnids. These guys were ridiculously difficult to assemble, as they came in 11 different parts. I ended up pinning all the legs AND the saws in place for each of them.

Posing them was also relatively difficult, as 3 of the legs needed to be balanced and posed before the rest could be worked on.

I eventually got them all built, and painting them was really easy.

I painted them boltgun metal all over, and then used inks and washes to complete them. The legs and bodies were done using blue ink, while the rest of the body was done using purple washes.

The claws, saw blade, spots on the body, and the smokestack were done using dwarven bronze. After that, everything was washed using Badab black to dull the metal sheen.

I also painted up the student of conflict and the Mechanical Toolkit. The mechanical toolkit was very simple to do - boltgun metal, followed by blue, chestnut and yellow ink washes to different areas to give the different shades.

In addition to all of this, I assembled avatar Ramos, and painted up a scenic base for when I get round to painting him up himself. He was another pain in the ass to assemble - he came in 8 pieces. Yay for pin drills. I left off the arcing flames, as I really didn't like the way it looked. I also painted up the soulstone miner.

Finally, I also got Avatar Tina painted up. I'll leave you with a picture of her in all her glory, and will post up a set of WiP shots of snowstorm as I painted him up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ramos Rising: A return to our favoured multilegged wonder

So, last weekend was a chance to get back into gaming after the withdrawal symptoms imposed by the trip to SA.

It started as a demo day with some of the local players coming up for the afternoon. Later on in the evening though, is what I had been particularly looking forward to - trying out avatar Ramos.

One of the local players, a guy by the name of Chris (Antiquitas on the wyrd boards - he who makes the awesome terrain: Mining Town Board and Swamp Board) called up during the day, and that evening we got a chance to try out a few things we had both been interested in: aRamos and aLillith.

One of the big things about the game was that it marked a distinct shift in the way I played Ramos, and in addition, highlighted that although a heavily forested board is advantageous to aLillith, she *really* only works when facing a living crew.

I rocked up with a list designed specifically to manifest as early as possible, with as great a scrap count as I could manage:

SS miner
Large SPA
2x SPA
Rusty Alyce
5 SS Cache.

Chris rocked up with the following list:
Primordial Magic
Desperate Merc
2x Waldgeist
6SS Cache

With regards strategies and schemes: I flipped reconnoiter, while Chris drew Claim Jump (which he placed in the centre of the board on one of the walkways). I took Holdout and extra stones, while Chris took extra stones and Kidnap (the MTK and the two spiders).

The board was quite involved, with numerous woods terrain pieces dotting the board, a ruin on the bottom left side (near my deployment zone) and 4 large multilevel buildings forming a large courtyard to the centre right of the board. These were joined by walkways suspended about 4" above the ground.

I'm not going to do a play by play overall - I'm going to focus on what worked with Ramos and what didn't, and besides, I cant remember it all :D

Turn 1:
This was spent focusing on getting my crew prepped for turn 2 and Ramos manifesting. I (all) mined SS with the miner, burnt out the MTK and LSPA, and gave +tomes to both Ramos and Alyce. The small spiders scuttled forward 6", and as Ramos and the boys wanted to remain pretty static for the moment to see where Lilith was headed, I Salvaged under Fire, summoned another Spider, and Summoned an Electrical Creation as far forward as I could.

The spiders proceeded to swarm together, and the EC floated forwards towards Chris' Claim Jump. I had been hoping to use it as a distraction, and it worked, with Chris using the puking snake to Earthquake him back towards me a short way.

The rest of Chris' turn was spent moving his crew forward into position behind the edge of the building complex, out of my LoS, and using his Waldgeists to move the small woods terrain pieces forwards to block off the centre of the board.

Turn 2:
I was lucky to draw into 2 crows this turn, although I had kept one in hand from turn 1. I activated the MTK first, sticking +tomes on Ramos and the SS Miner. I followed this up with the LSPA to run through some of chris' activations as well. I then used the SS miner to really stack things for me this turn, with him activating, (0) overdriving, and then proceeding to kill the MTK and LSPA with crows in the attack  before moving forward and burrowing. The attack against the LSPA was extremely good luck, as i flipped the red joker for the attack and an ace for the defence.

This was what I had been hoping for with him - it netted me 2 SS and dropped  4 scrap where Ramos could use it, as well as prepping him for anything he decided to do later that turn.

The rest of the turn involved Alyce Burning Out Ramos and summoning a steamborg abomination (worst idea of the whole game), while the spider swarm scuttled forward  (into the ruin) and got ready to kick some ass.

Ramos activated and moved over the scrap picking them up and positioning himself in preparation for turn 3 before manifesting.

Chris moved his stuff cautiously around the centre point, while shifting Teddy over behind the ruin on my left side, taking a swipe at the swarm (2 wounds and pushing it away) and moving the waldgeists up. One of these was about 9" behind teddy towards chris' deployment zone by the end of this.

at the end of the turn, the miner tunneled up, ending between teddy and the waldgeist.

Turn 3 saw the beginning of the violence in earnest. I made a big mistake in unburying the SS miner, which got it killed by Teddy and the waldgeist.

Ramos Leapt foward, and Hasty Constructed 2 LSPA. The first one he killed in order to get more scrap, while the second he dumped forward to distract Teddy and the waldgeist. It managed to put 4 wounds on Teddy, while the swarm moved up and got locked in combat with the waldgeist after the waldgeist had activated. Over hte next three turns it was both amazingly awesome and amazingly crap - it managed to Paralyze the waldgeist turn after turn, but each time it did pretty much minimal damage.

In addition to this, I moved Alyce forward, and brought the abomination up level with everyone, close to the Claim jump marker.

While this was going on, Chris moved Kade over to prepare for a turn 4 run on Alyce.

Turn 4 saw me win initiative, and proceed to go nuts with Ramos. I activated him, Cast Override, and got Ramos to move, the LSPA to wound teddy, Teddy to charge the Waldgeist, and the swarm to kill off Teddy.

Kade went next and charged Alyce, cheating in the red joker for damage. The second severe flip, plus a Sweetbreads trigger, meant that Alyce was a bloody mist.

While this was going on, Lilith had been making a beeline towards my deployent zone to deny me Holdout and to get ready for manifesting. The LSPA moved back to control the left had table quarter on my side of the board.

Turn 5 saw me win initiative again, dropping Kade to 3 wounds and finally killing off the paralyzed waldgeist, while Ramos summoned another LSPA and gave himself armour 4. The LSPA was dropped close to the centre of the board, to take on the waldgeist which it put 4 wounds onto. Lilith and the PM moved around, and the PM transposed the desperate merc and lilith to get her closer to the fight.

The waldgeist managed to drop the LSPA attacking it down to 1 wound, and the swarm moved back to contest the right table quarter on my side of the board.

somewhere in this turn the abomination got killed, probably by Kade.

Turn 6 saw Kade die off to Ramos, and the second Waldgeist get munched in the face by the LSPA. Ramos also summoned a Warden and a Watcher, locking down the other 2 quarters.
At this point, Lilith manifested as well.

At the end of turn 6 Chris had Lilith and a desperate merc, while i had 2 LSPAs, a Warden, a watcher, Ramos, and a spider swarm. I used the watcher last, to stack the deck to ensure that the game went on to turn 7 (flipped a 13).

At this point we called the game, as Ramos had enough scrap counters on him that he could flood the contested quarter with more minions (probably wardens now that I think about it) and Chris could do nothing to affect the game's outcome.

The final score was 4 -2.

My thoughts for the game were that Ramos performed really nicely, and his avatar form is much, much better at nearly everything. Also, Liliths Avatar really isnt suited to fighting non living crews, as she is too dependent on Blood counters to be effective. It really hobbled Chris in the game, as he couldnt find a way to make her effective.

Ramblings. A Redux

So, the blog has been a bit dead recently. Part of that was a lack of time due to finishing off my masters (yay), but a large part was the fact that I was in South Africa for the month of February.

SA was, in fact, amazing. I went down with Amy to visit family, and for her to have an LSD trip (Look, See and Decide) about whether she liked the place.

We arrived in Capetown at the start of the month, and promptly went crazy. the food was awesome, the people were friendly, and the sharks had big teeth. Oh yeah, we went shark diving and the sharks decided to munch on the cage while we were in there.

we also saw other stuff, like Cape Point,  Table Mountain, and Maclean's Beacon,and a couple of other beasties, like baboons and ostriches.

after that we headed up to Johannesburg, where we hung out with family and did a couple of touristy things, like visit Sun City, Monte Casino, Pretoria Zoo, the Elephant Sanctuary and The Lion and Rhino Park.

We saw elephants, little cats, and big cats.

so, lots of sightseeing :D

On top of that, I went down to a local gaming club called Warfair on the 11th of February to run a demo day. A great group of lads, and a fantastic (if hard to see from the road) clubhouse with space for 8 or 9 tables, a shop and a food shop.