Monday, November 21, 2011

Demos. And Stuff.

So, I've been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging the past month and a bit, what with trying to get my thesis written and submitted. I'm still working on it, so I'll still be pretty scarce until after christmas.

Saying that, however, its time for me to go squeee.

Yes, squeee. The reason for this is the fantastic news that not only are there a whole shitpot full of new models coming out that I cant wait to pick up (avatars Ramos and Tina, Sue, Angelica, McTavish, hell, the whole of decembers' releases and some of january's too), but that wyrd are selling off their left over stocks of nightmare lord chompy!

To say I am thrilled is an understatement. Lets just hope I can snag one before the servers crash on the 25th...

Anyway, onto other things.

Recently, I got accepted into the Henchman program with wyrd, and that has been taking up a huge proportion of my gaming time - I've been running a couple of demos a week pretty much since the middle of October. The biggest turnout was on the (belated) halloween demo evening, where I ran a group demo with full participation, (4 players) with enough other folks interested to run almost 2 more full participation demos!

Going forwards, I hope to convert as many of the demo players into full time players as possible, and appear to be making headway. Now, all I need to do is figure out how the hell Hamelin works, so I can explain it to one of the new players who picked him up....any suggestions for tactics folks?

Models and painting. I've been a little bit rushed off my feet as I said, so I've been unable to get much painting done. I did manage to paint up about half of Sonia's box - the stalkers are all done and waiting photos. going forward I plan on finishing Sonia's box, painting the beauty that is Snowstorm, and then doing Lady J and the Vikkies box sets.

With regards models, I took advantage of Maelstroms' 16% off voucher at the start of the month to pick up most of the rest of the stuff I needed for the arcanists. I picked up kaeris' box, 2 Large steampunk arachnids, a SS miner, some doves and some coryphee. I've also got a male desperate mercenary and the toolkit on order.

 I plan on picking up the december releases when they get released, as well as grabbing me some Night Terrors for Marcus.

The biggest issue now though, is that I'm getting mighty close to running out of bag space. I think I shall need to look at another bag. Any suggestions, folks? I have the red battlefoam malifaux bag, and while it's adequate, it does seem a bit on the small side. I'd been looking at the battlefoam Shield bag as well, but the foam inserts dont appear to be large enough for most of the models.

With regards gaming, I plan on taking an evening off tonight to get a game in against Jimmy. he's gonna be trying out a Lady J and Lucius list, while I plan on rocking up with an avatar Ramos and Lazarus proxy list. I'm hoping that there will be a ruling soon on the Reactivate and Assimilate query in the rules forum, as it really can be a bit ridiculous with Alyce, Ramos and Lazarus - Lazarus with permanent reactivate is disgusting.

One last question for you folks. Having seen the new avatar Tina model, how many of you thought of a 70's rockstar?

Seriously, I took a look at it, and I immediately saw the potential for a psychedelic disco Tina list. the Cult of december box set (with dancing Tina), rainbow painted Gamin, and Avatar Tina with flares and a funky coloured hairdo to go with the affro. All I need is an idea for the ice golem and a silent one, and she'd be ready to rock out (literally...:D)

what do you think? should I give 70's Tina a bash? and better yet, do you think folks would be interested in it?

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