Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gencon - Walletpain, Malifaux, Puppetwars, and Terra-awesome-clips

So, this past weekend was Gencon over in Indianapolis in the states, and it was the single most expensive weekend of the year in terms of straight up wargames purchases.

Let me explain.

Wyrd Miniatures, the folks who make Malifaux, have been attending Gencon for a few years now. The precendent was set last year, however, when they released the first expansion book, along with new models and a limited edition figure known as the Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy Bits (a truly awe inspiring piece of kit, and worth more than its weight in gold at this point...)

This year, Wyrd decided to hit the big leagues, and they did so in a big way.

Over the past weekend, Wyrd released a new expansion to Malifaux (Twisting Fates), an entirely new miniature based board game (Puppet Wars), and an entirely new range of modular terrain (Terraclips).

In addition to this, Wyrd released 2 limited edition sets: Nightmare edition Teddy, and hte Nightmare Edition Dead Justice box set (a set of alternate sculpts for the Lady Justice box set which can also be used as alternates for new release Rezzer models).

Finally, Wyrd released a whole pile of new models from the book as limited pre releases- some of these avatars and alternate master sculpts were available over the course of the weekend, but wont otherwise be available until february next year.

The best part of all of this is that Wyrd, unlike so many other companies, strived to support and facilitate people who couldnt make it to the physical event by putting everything that were selling at the event onto their online store to allow folks from all over to obtain the products at the same time.

So, naturally, I wander up friday morning, take a look, and try to convince myself to take, well, one of everything.

I dont quite go that nuts, but my wallet doesnt agree. I ended up picking up Twisting Fates, Avatar Marcus, and 2 Terraclips Connector packs (TheStrakenAwakes had preordered some of the terraclips stuff previously for me, so I simply needed to clips to complete it.) In addition to this, I picked up Leviticus and two Hollow Waifs, just to finish out his crew. I had obtained just about every other model normally seen in his crew through bargain hunting at conventions in Ireland back in January, and so thought why not.

On to other things.

Terraclips is a modular terrain supplement that uses different cardstock shapes and clips to allow you to assemble some frankly amazingly complex and beautiful terrain that is not only sturdy and durable but also eminently playable.

When it arrives, I'm locking myself in the gaming cave and building it for the weekend.

Puppetwars (http://www.puppet-wars.com) is a boardgame superficially reminiscent of the the Malifaux game itself, in that it used card mechanics and has many models of the same name.

Thats where the simularity ends, however. The game is a fast paced game that is both remarkably easy to pick up and can be ridiculously difficult to master. In essence, the wargamers boardgame from valhalla.

Myself and TheMurphyFella were involved in the beta testing of the game, and it frankly looked amazing almost right out the gate. after fixing problems that cropped up, the beta team managed to knock together a solid ruleset, and I'm happy with it.

Frankly, the game is just fun.

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